With this short guide, you will be saving energy and planet earth in no time!

In AIRTEC, our priority is to efficiently use as much compressed air as possible while saving the environment one step at a time!

Over the typical life span of a compressor (10 YR) , over 3 out of 4 quarters of that is spent on the Energy cost whilst the remaining is spent on Capital and Maintenance FEES.


Did you know up to 40% of your generated compressed air being lost due to leaks?

Did you know that approximately 10% of all electricity used in any industry is accounted for by Compressed Air systems? In the worst cases up to 30% of total site electricity usage can be dedicated to the Compressors.

Did you know that over 90% of that electrical input into a compressed is lost as heat?


With the help of AIRTEC, your company will be more eco-friendly than it ever was when it comes to your compressed air needs!

Energy Savings Guide

Obtain the correct size needed of air compressor before it is installed

Choosing the wrong air compressor size for your business is one of the main energy wasters in the industry

Always before buying a compressor, have these questions answered for your ease:

  • How much air flow do I need?
  • For what application?
  • What minimum pressure can I use?
  • Do I need clean or dry air? (Dryers or Filters),
  • How much will I use my compressor?
  • Will it be running at an extended time?
  • Is there flow changes in the compressor? (If so a Variable Speed Drive compressor is the most eco-friendly and money saving option),
  • Will I need more compressors in the future? 

Convert the compression heat from electrical usage with heat recovery

Without heat recovery, 90% of the heat from electrical usage is lost to the atmosphere via the radiation system or internal cooling system. Installing a proper heat recovery unit would ensure that the lost heat is turned into useful energy.

Eliminate Air leakage

Air leaks are another one of the biggest sources of wasted energy in more outdated compressed air system, it is estimated that up to 20% of total compressed air consumption could be lost through leaks.

Reduce unloaded running hours

The Air flow in an industrial compressed air system typically fluctuates. Air Compressor Controller units offer a user friendly approach to reducing unloaded running hours, if running multiple, a universal central controller should be installed, and if individually, Compressor Pressure bands should be installed, cascade method.