Just one standard: excellence

COMPACK embodies the greatest KTC’s technological innovation.
KTC’S Research and Development Dept. oriented towards the greatest user-friendliness of a screw compressor fulfills this approach with COMPACK, thanks to a great number of customized applications and solutions.
The reason is that COMPACK has just one standard: excellence.
COMPACK as a matter of fact is a compact and extremely performing integrated system: all the advantages of an industrial compressor in just a small amount of space.

Integrated system

COMPACK is made up of a state-of-the-art pumping air-end, the most compact in the field, integrating the main components of a screw compressor (air-end, separator tank, thermostatic and minimum pressure valve, intake valve) and being groundbreaking in the choice of materials: a steel core in an aluminum case.



The KME B series, thanks to its ground breaking patent for gear-driven systems with separate lubrication from the air-end leading to no loading leakage, offers greater reliability and longer life cycle than traditional belt-driven systems.
Compression units are integrated in just one airend with the purpose of reducing overall dimensions, making installation easier and curtailing maintenance costs.
As a result of a great number of available configurations, it allows a wide cost-saving choice for each productive need.
Total function control through a user-friendly electronic control board.
Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems.
Cost savings are huge.and proven
There are no added installation charges for  dryers and tank components, since they are wholly assembled.
Air leakage from connection pipes is also absent.




The KME C series, a Poly-V belt-driven system with cast-iron taperhub pulleys, always ensures the highest reliability in any work condition, minimizing power losses and guaranteeing a low noise level for each revolution and a perfect alignment of the rotating elements.
Thanks to the system of sliding plate for the electric motor, the belt tightening process is made easier, allowing its accurate adjustment.
The KME C series entwines the benefits of a compact screw compressor, with low installation and management costs and excellent performance, mainly in the applications requiring continuous running.
Total function control through a user-friendly electronic board.
Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems.
Cost savings are huge.
There are no added installation for dryers and tank components, since they are wholly assembled.
Air leakage from connection pipes is also absent.


 18-37 KW


The KME series,  guarantees important and cutting edge advantages in virtue of KTC’s development in engineering and pioneering technology and is embodied by a compact, easy-to-use system, occupying just a modest amount of space, with a noticeable power efficiency and a significant long life cycle.
Total function control through a user-friendly electronic control
Extremely low noise levels as well as reduced maintenance costs and times.
ensuring the highest reliability in any work condition.
Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems.

Extremely compact, grounded, small-footprint compressor.

Special care has been given to the design of the compressor internal structure.
The motor and the main running parts of the compressor are fixed to a unique load-bearing frame with anti-vibration elements that isolate all the running components from the rest of the structure and remain free from any fastenings to external panels of noise insulation.





The KLE series comprises a range of compressors at variable speed with inverter.
They are designed to optimize energy consumption when running at intervals. Direct-driven with an innovative separator tank device and the use of energy efficient motors, the KLE compressors offer remarkable advantages in terms of user-friendliness, reliability, high energy savings, low noise levels and reduced maintenance costs.
The KLE series, installed in systems with discontinuous air consumption, ensures reduction of energy costs as it is able to adjust the speed of the electric motor revolutions and accordingly the speed of the airend based on the company consumption of compressed air keeping constant the running pressure of the plant.
This operation mode saves energy by establishing an ideal balance between energy consumption and compressed air release.

Compressors with inverter technology, controlling speed are capable of adjusting the release of compressed air to the real consumption.
The electronic controller monitors and controls the electric motor and air-end speed, adjusting the airflow release,= flat line pressure in the plant.