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METPOINT DPM : Dew point measuring devices

Humidity in compressed air is a well-known problem and can lead to severe consequential damage. In particular in demanding applications, malfunctions in production plants can have serious consequences. Costly standstills and increased expenses for deficient products and quality assurance quickly add up.

With the temperature, the relative humidity and the dew point , mobile and stationary dew point measuring devices made by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES precisely measure the critical parameters in compressed air and other gases.

Stationary dew point measurement (sensor SD21/23 / display BDL compact)

With the stationary dew point measuring device, the data of the continuous measurements are indicated on the display and simultaneously automatically stored in the data logger. An alarm relay is triggered when the adjusted limit value is exceeded. The user will therefore directly receive a message if the process parameters are critical.

METPOINT BDL portable: universal handheld measuring device

The METPOINT® BDL portable is a handheld measuring device designed for universal use and features an integrated data logger for collecting information on key parameters, such as con-sumption and flow rates, vacuum and pressure levels, as well as residual moisture and dew point.

Data logging for compressed-air and gas applications

METPOINT® BDL and METPOINT® BDL compact are innovative graphic display recorders for the recording of the parameters for compressed-air and gas applications. The electronic recording system measures the connected input signals and determines the information that is required for the respective application. These are displayed and stored on the device. The course of the process can be archived in the long term, and alarms can be transmitted to superordinate systems. The graphic display recorder thus allows for an assessment of the sequences during the process and fast intervention on location.

The sensors are easily configurable and connectable and are, depending on the sensor type, automatically identified by the system. On the colour display with a touch function, all the measured values, measured curves, and limit value exceedances are indicated. Curve traces can be moved and zoomed with a simple finger movement.

METPOINT BDL : the optimum solution, keeping all the critical processes in check

Up to 12 analogue and/or digital sensors Up to 32 limit values and four alarm relays for trouble indications are freely configurable 7" colour display

In combination with the consumption rate analysis, daily, weekly, or monthly evaluations can be calculated with the costs and counter reading.

METPOINT BDL compact : the cost-effective solution

Up to four analogue and/or digital sensors Up to four limit values and two alarm relays for trouble indications are freely configurable 3,5" colour display

In combination with the optional web server, the current measured values can be retrieved, independent of the location

BEKOBLIZZ: highest demands on dryness and coldness

In most cases, an increase in production and quality stands in direct relation to the quality of the compressed air applied during manufacture. This applies particularly to cooling processes. TheBEKOBLIZZ compressed-air freezing system supplies top-grade, dry compressed air with lowest temperatures constantly down to below -35°C / - 45°C.

More productivity through specific cooling

Through the employment of dry and chilled compressed air, manufacturing processes in a wide range of industrial applications can be performed more economically. In parallel, the quality of the products is also improved. In addition, the effective reduction of cycle times also saves time and money.

BEKOBLIZZ is the answer to capacity shortages, the growing cost pressure and increasing quality requirements. The compressed-air freezing system reduces cycle times during blow moulding, increases the capacity in the gas injection technique (GIT), reduces cooling periods during rotation sintering and improves the surface during thermoforming.

The BEKOBLIZZ® advantages at a glance:

  • Effective reduction of cycle times in the production process
  • Quality improvement through consistent cooling
  • Use of a cost-effective cooling medium
  • CO2 and N2 are not required!
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Short payback period

BEKOKAT: for demanding specifications

As far as highly-sensitive applications are concerned, conventional compressed-air processing has technical and economic limits.BEKOKAT sets new standards in the compressed-air processing with a trend-setting catalysis technology. The device fully converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water through total oxidation.

The cost-effective, environmentally friendly emulsion processing

One litre of oil contaminates 1,000,000 litres of ground water. Therefore, the legislator stipulates professional and responsible handling of emulsified condensates and oil-contaminated industrial wastewater which accumulate during many production processes. Processing according to purely physical gravitational separation is not sufficient.

The BEKOSPLIT® splitting system has already proven itself internationally with regards to the reliable, economical and company-internal processing of stable emulsions. In addition, it offers system-related advantages as far as cost structures and efficiency are concerned:

  • No aggressive cleaner
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Low investment requirements
  • Longer maintenance intervals

Separating oil-water emulsions effectively

BEKOSPLIT splitting plants clean emulsified condensates which occur as a result of unfavourable initial conditions or of certain lubricant/compressor combinations. In addition to compressed-air condensate, other oil-containing industrial wastewaters can also be processed. Water-insoluble organic substances and a large variety of solid contaminations are removed from the water. Any heavy metals, dirt and paint particles contained in the water are reliably adsorbed.

BEKOSPLIT operates with low splitting agent consumption, longer filter service lives and electronic monitoring of the operating states.

                               The BEKOSPLIT® advantages at a glance:

  • Best-selling splitting plant for compressed-air condensates
  • Cost-effective with regard to purchase, operation and maintenance
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly processing
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Type approval for compressor condensates