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About Us

Airtec Compressors Ltd was formed to service the compressed air generation and treatment equipment in the Irish & international spectrum. Our expertise in servicing, maintaining and overhauling all types of air generation has established Airtec as the leading Efficiency driven compressor company in the Irish market. Our skills base and flexibility allow's us  to provide fast and effective solutions for our clients needs. Our extensive knowledge, expertize and commitment to our customers, ensure that we are always fully aware of our role within our clients manufacturing strategy. Airtec enjoys a strong and favourable reputation with all our clients as they will attest to, and  our client base continues to expand. Our client base includes some of the worlds leading Mfctr, Pharma and Food companies. Our contracts range from single site maintenance agreement's to multi-site preventative maintenance contracts offering a genuine 24 hour, 365 day a year guaranteed response


Instant Virtual Service engineering team by your side 24 hr when you need assistance until service engineer arrives then Air-Assist is there already for you!